Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Have I Done?

This is an old story that I wrote back in February of 2010. Figured I would share it.

I should have woke up to the buzzing of my alarm clock, signaling me that the sun had set, and it was safe to emerge from the warm cocoon of blankets and quilts I had wrapped myself in. I needed to feed soon. I never should have gone to bed without eating, but the night of leaping from rooftop to rooftop looking for bad guys had taken it’s toll. Instead, I am awaked my sounds of a scuffle outside. There were seven people from the sounds and smell of it, five men and two women. Crap. Just what I need a homicide just outside my window. I really didn’t want to move again. So, I decided to intercede. The old dilapidated building had many rooms well suited for my kind. The windows had been boarded up years ago. And, the doors locked. The only way in was through a 5th story window. Years ago, one of us had removed the elevator from the shaft, and gave us a perfect access tunnel to the outside world. Dinner would have to wait. A running start, and one deep step, and up in the air. There is nothing as exile rating as flying through the air. I grabbed the edge of the door, and pulled myself into the now empty hallway. In it’s prime, there would have been men and women in their finery, heading to the grand ballroom for dinner. Now just people like me.
I looked down, realizing that I was still in the clothes from the night before. I had been in a hurry to escape the setting sun. I had been distracted by some idiot girl who decided that 5 am was a safe time to run in downtown. What an idiot. Little did she know that by beating the snot out of the guy following her, I saved her life. I should have fed then. But, like I said the sun was coming up. And, I don’ t want to fry. I shed the coat, it would slow me down. Jeans and a tank top would do. And the big black boots. I loved them! They were intimidating as hell.
I stepped to the window to check out the situation. Looked like the guy could use some help. Typical, wearing a long black duster. There had been lots of slayers who made their way through town. Most of them were killed by the other beasties and demons before they ever saw a vampire. I didn’t hold a grudge against the slayers, mind you. The world would be a better place without us. I had tried to destroy myself several times. But, self preservation always kicked in. An animal instinct. But, this guy looked like he could hold his own. “Let’s see what he’s got,” I thought to myself.

He was fast, as fast as they were. I knew most of the “people” in the neighborhood. I recognized two werewolves, two vampires and The Black Widows. I am not sure if they are witches, mutants, or what. But, they had some odd powers. From what I understood that they only worked on men. This guy didn’t have a shot with those two around. “Here goes nothing,” I whispered to myself, stepping off the ledge. Just as being able to leap five stories in the air is an advantage, so is falling 5 stories with out getting a scratch. Landing like a cat on all fours, quietly. He heard me. I don’t know how, but her heard me. So did the vampires. They were stupid, and young. When they looked at me, he threw 2 stakes, impaling each of them hitting their targets. Right through the ribs. How could someone not supernatural not make that shot. A slayer normally has to go up behind the ribs to make a kill shot like that. But, he wasn’t through. We all stood there frozen in amazement as he pulled a large sword from it’s sheath on his back. Anywhere the moon touched it, flames sprung forth. And, in one fail swoop, he lopped of their heads, rolling around on the ground. Spinning actually, from the speed of the action.
I was also distracted. Sharp shiny things made me nervous and fascinated me. But, suddenly, I could feel the hair on the back on of my neck stand on end. One of the fur covered fiends had descended on the man in black. And, the other was charging at me. I wanted to watch the other fight. But, the whole self preservation thing kicked in . A well placed roundhouse kick to the jaw slowed him down, but not by much. It reminded me of a cat fighting a dog. My moves more smooth and graceful. His full of brute strength. I broke a few ribs with a flying elbow. But, I didn’t expect his reaction, and hand nearly threw my chest. To my side I could hear the bang of a gun. And, whimpering. Then, as I was sliding back along the concrete, just before I hit the wall, a hint of silver slid right into my hand. There was no time for praying the bullets were silver. I got my shot in his head, just before his teeth closed around my legs. From the way his body fell instantly to the ground, I knew I had my answer. Yep, they were silver al right.
I had forgotten about the sisters. They were more formidable of an opponent than he would expect. I had seen them at work. They used their bodies as weapons as much as their powers. The Web, all in black. What little she was wearing could create any physical sensation she wanted. And, Venom, all in red, could deceive the mind. She could make you think you needed to walk off the side of a building if she wanted to . However, today, she wasn’t in the mood. She simply turned and ran. The Web, however, seemed to be itching for a fight. He stood there smiling. Like they were having a silent conversation. The longer they stood there, the bigger he smiled, and the more angry she got. Somehow, she had no effect on him. It was hilarious. The harder she tried, the more mad she would get. It wasn’t until just then that I realized how hungry I was. She pulled her hand back and slapped him, hard. Causing blood to fly from his mouth. And, it looked like he had a rough fight with his wolf, too. As he turned with the force from the slap, I could see the claw marks in his sleeve. The smell of his blood, sweeter than most, almost like apples, filled my nostrils. I was overwhelmed be the scent.
Recognizing the look in my eyes, The Web ran. He should have. But he was hurt pretty bad. Looked like he had a broken leg. I should have ran. But, I was so hungry. And, his blood was calling me. It’s song or warmth and life. I could sense every pulse of his heart. Every beat as it shoved the elixir of life coursing through his veins. Every artery full of sustenance. I tried no to pounce, fighting my instincts. But, Before I knew it, I was bent over him, sucking the life from him literally. When I finally gained some composure, I realized what I had done. The lycan had nailed me in the face, busting the skin open. Wounds like that take time to heal. Even for us. I was covered in my own blood, mingled now in his. What had I done? If my blood made it into any opening in his body, he would turn…into someone like me.

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