Saturday, June 15, 2013

Welcome to My Mid-life Crisis

I have never in my life had my hair professionally colored. And, I had bought this awesome orange wig for Wizard World that I fell in love with. It is this great bright orange. We were in Austin. No one batted an eye. I wanted my hair that color!!! It was flattering to my skin tone and made my eyes POP! Well, after getting back to Abilene I was sitting getting a tattoo from Richard. We were telling him about our trip. And, the wig. He informed us that his girlfriend excelled at funky colors. 

Well, I actually met her that day and we became fast friends. Then, I found this picture. I got excited that I could do something like this and pull it back so that it wouldn't cause any wrecks in Abilene. 

Fast forward to today. We didn't go as high as I wanted originally. Partly, in case my hair didn't react well, I could have a decent style if we cut it off.  : )

I could totally do Magenta, the character and the color. It was even bigger by the time she had it all combed out.

And, here we go. :) We decided that it needs some pieces in the top. When she was blowing it dry, their were some twigs that looked like they were highlights. It looked awesome. And, add some dark purple to the ends.

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