Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Thought on Fresh Grieving

 I will on occasion post suggestions about how to live with or near people that are grieving. For example, the best thing to bring to a funeral dinner or to a person's house that has just had a death in the family is going to be disposable storage containers and toilet paper. I speak from experience. Today's post is about posting on Facebook when a friends has lost someone very close to them. Like I said, this is based on my experience.

Do not post on their Facebook page or tag them in your post. Posting that they are in need of prayer and warm, peaceful thoughts is OK. And, it's encouraged. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that people are thinking of you. Just remember that their news feed is most likely full of stories about the death. But when your feed is full of posts about losing your loved one, it kinda sucks.

Send them a message. It is more personable. Plus, you can get an address where to send cards, flowers of food. Your Facebook page is a place to see how everyone else is doing. A kind of escape. NOT being reminded that you are missing a loved one. I know that I had to put my charger on my from anywhere from 6 to 10 times the day that I lost Sarah. I could only handle a couple of messages at a time. But, it was warming to feel the love flowing from my friends. Even the ones I never met in person.

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