Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mental Lollygagging

So, today's blog consists of the thoughts that I had at work today. Some of you know that I work for a company that does debt and returned check collections. Yes, people do still write checks. I get to gander at a large variety of demographics. On occasion I will share little bits and pieces of my day. Obviously, I can't share everything I want to. But, here are some "moments" from today.

"I was wondering if you could detain my check until the 1st". -  What I was thinking, "No! We are going to let it run all willy-nilly about the office and leave whenever it wants."

"I'm calling on behalf of my check." - I know that some of the callers have accounts that seem to have a lives of their owns. But, I really don't think that a person can do anything "on behalf" of an inanimate object. 

And, I just love it when a person starts the phone conversation with, "I would like to call about my check." I have yet to respond with, "Well, looks like you accomplished that much already.

"Black Betty" is one of my favorite songs ever! We have the classic rock station as our hold music, and we can listen when not on our phones. I also love "Hush" by Deep Purple.
I think I shall share videos of the songs now. Just a second, I have to run to youtube.

I am rather proud of myself. I haven't done anything in HTML since Myspace.

It is hard to take a legal form set in Comic Sans seriously. Really, it is.

I had a payment come in today in the form of a personal check (which our letters specifically state we do not take.) with a note in the memo line that states "c$%ksuckers". I really want to send it back with a note that states, "If that's what we did, we would charge a lot more than $30."

It's that time of year, the lingering aroma of sweaty man. Eww.

If I let a just a little more paint chip off my nails, I will be able to say they were inspired by "Dexter."

I get tickled everytime I see a check that comes across my desk with a name of a fictional character.

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