Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sarah wanted a tattoo of an anchor when she turned 18. She had been thinking about it for months.

Since she couldn't get one, I did. Yes, it is very large. I love it.

The detail work is stunning. If you want a tattoo done in Abilene, go see Richard at Sacred Art.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Gathering Tulle

This is a really quick post on a method for gathering tulle. I didn't do a pretty job. But, it should get the point across.

You will need tulle, pins, floss or very narrow ribbon  and thread, one color that matches the tulle and one that doesn't.

Pin your layers together.

 Set your stitch length at it's longest, width at it's widest and on zigzag.
Thread the machine with the thread that doesn't match. It is a lot easier to take out later, that way. Decide where you want to gather at. Place the floss or ribbon in the middle of your foot. Now, zig zag stitcch over the floss/ribbon.

 Now, you have a "casing." You can gather the along the floss.

 When you get the gathers like you want, rethread the machine in your matching thread and top stitch over the gathers!!!

Sigh... Time for change...

     This has been a long week. I got a new job. I start on Monday as a receptionist. It looks to be the least stressful job I have every had. And, the benefits are awesome. I hate leaving the people I work with, and a lot of the customers. But, this is a change I need. Well, we need. I had a call for another interview for another job this week, too. It's nice to feel wanted. And, I get to dress for work.This should help with my self-esteem. 
     There is a long list of things to pray for. My father will be going in for surgery, soon. They are going to be removing a significant portion of his colon. We went in for a colonoscopy on Wednesday. He has a couple of polyps that are precancerous. They are in the very early stages, so they are very optimistic. But, it is still my Daddy getting cut on. Yeah, I'm a little worried. Not terrified. Just worried. Please keep him in his prayers. They told him to be prepared to be off work for 8 weeks. And, they are scheduling surgery as soon as possible. But, at least he will have his first Black Friday off in well over 10 years.
     Also, there are some prayers that need to remain unspoken for privacy issues. On a high note, I get a new tattoo tomorrow!!! Well, I am outta here!! Good night all.