Friday, November 2, 2012

Gathering Tulle

This is a really quick post on a method for gathering tulle. I didn't do a pretty job. But, it should get the point across.

You will need tulle, pins, floss or very narrow ribbon  and thread, one color that matches the tulle and one that doesn't.

Pin your layers together.

 Set your stitch length at it's longest, width at it's widest and on zigzag.
Thread the machine with the thread that doesn't match. It is a lot easier to take out later, that way. Decide where you want to gather at. Place the floss or ribbon in the middle of your foot. Now, zig zag stitcch over the floss/ribbon.

 Now, you have a "casing." You can gather the along the floss.

 When you get the gathers like you want, rethread the machine in your matching thread and top stitch over the gathers!!!

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