Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who Lives at is Das Whetsel Haus?

I have a few new followers. So, I feel like I should reintroduce myself. My name is Marlo Whetsel. I asked my husband for a few things adjective to describe me. Quirky, artistic, inspirational, loving talkative, maternal, and expressive. (I told him that big, hot momma would not be acceptable for my blog. Then he said, "Well, they are adjectives." This is why I love the man.)

I am married to an old friend from college. Before that, I was married for 14 years. I have a thirteen year old son that lives primarily with his father in a town about 25 miles away from here. He has had a tough last few years. I left his father. He loves both of his "bonus parents." He also got a "bonus brother" at his dad's. Later in the same year as the weddings, his sister died. She was diabetic and the toll of spending half her life with the disease took it toll. She had a seizure in the middle of the night (It was not from her sugar dropping. We will never know why she had it.) and her heart had an arrhythmia. Well, that is the best guess anyone has. A lot of doctors have looked at her autopsy report. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is listed as a secondary cause. We were reassured that there was no way we would have known about the thyroid issue.

Losing Sarah of course effected all of us. I am still feeling the physical effects. The emotional and mental problems may never go away fully. But, it is getting better. A lot of what I try to do with this blog is to show how we are searching for happiness after the loss. Discussing death is far easier for some people than others. My thoughts on talking about death. Don't get me wrong. I'm not "over it" by any means. I never will be. But, I manage to not overwhelm myself too often with the thought of my daughter. I can usually manage to take the time to sit and think about her when I am at home where I feel safe.

At Das Whetsel Haus we don't just talk about death. We talk about computers, books, Cthulhu, all things nerdy, cosplay, pets, baking, art, crafts and faith. We talk about a lot of other things, too. We are a rather eclectic bunch. I am a bit of a newbie nerd. Well, I should say I was a repressed nerd. When I moved back to my home town, I began to reconnect with my brother and friends that helped to cultivate my more geeky side. My husband and I have managed to get to a couple of conventions. They were awesome. My husband is an IT nerd. So, we have computers everywhere. I bake when I can. It's part of my therapy. I also sew and do other crafty things. I have a side business called Whetsel's Wearables and Other Crafty Creations. It has been MIA since I went back to working full time. But, I plan on getting it back up and running. We have several pets. Somewhere between 15 and 20 fish, 3 hermit crabs, 2 hamsters, 3 birds (not including the babies) and 2 dogs. But, one dog thinks he is a cat.

On the subject of faith, my husband was raised Catholic and I was raised Southern Baptist. Neither of us agrees completely with either organization. But, we have things we love about both as well as other groups. We are working on discovering who we are as a family in regards to our relationship with Christ. I have thoroughly enjoyed the endeavor. There are so many things that I have learned  that I didn't know before. One of the traditions I have grown to love more than any other is the celebrating of Day of the Dead. I have found it is celebrated differently around the world. I have a specialization in art that goes along with my degree in education. I have strongly considered going on to get a degree in art and maybe a masters degree in art revolving around death and mourning. If there is such a thing.
Well, there is a lot more I could go on about. But, that wouldn't leave much for me to write about , now would it? If you want to keep up with the blog as I post and other daily updates, please follow me on Facebook at


Sally Sullivan said...

Lovely post . Nice to learn more about you :). Btw you are awesome !

Marlo Whetsel said...

Thank you, Sally! I am enjoying getting to know you.