Tuesday, October 1, 2013

People Suck, Well, Not All People. But, A Lot of Them.

I know a hand full of people in this world that I know glow from their love for other people. This breaks my heart. I am an idealist. People think that it means I am na├»ve. I am not. People suck. They make selfish, hurtful decisions daily. There are evil people who thrive on chaos. There are also petty, narcissistic people that thrive on chaos as well. “Some people just want to watch the world burn.” Yes, I am quoting Alfred from The Dark Night. But, we as individuals do just as much to hurt the world we live in by not putting others first.


Being idealistic, I expect people to do the right thing. I expect people to be polite and courteous. I expect you to hold the door open if you get to the door first. I don’t care of you are a guy or not. But, if a gentleman offers to hold the door, let them. I am old fashioned. I believe in chivalry. And, I don’t care how old a person is, you should be courteous regardless of your age. It makes it really hard for people to respect you when you don’t respect them. (This includes not putting carts up in parking lots. Grrrr…)


Don’t get me wrong. I know people are not going to do these things. I am never surprised when they act in a selfish, lazy, entitled manner. But, I will be damned if I am going to lower my expectations to meet their demands. Grow up. It means learning to be meek. It is easier to explain what meek doesn’t mean than what it does. It does not mean letting people run all over you. It does not mean being a whipping boy. It does not mean accepting the status quo. It does mean not lashing out. It does mean choosing your words wisely. It means not calling people names. It also means thinking of people as individuals and not just part of a group. This also means that, heaven forbid, you actually get to know someone. It means that when you have a problem you can back up what you say. It also means you listen more than you talk.


One last thing before I get off my soap box. I have a hard time finding stand-up comedians that I enjoy. “Why is this relevant,” you ask. Most comedians’ jokes stem from making fun of them or someone else. I hate it. It makes me very uncomfortable. There was a lady who came to town that had commercials where she was mimicking the people in her nail salon. I hated it. Whether it is meant as hurtful or not, it is rude. When people on Facebook referring to getting a manicure as “getting their Korean on” ticks me off, too.


OK, I am done for now. Until next time, play nice.

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