Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boo to Halloween?

I have no interest in dressing up for Halloween this year. If you know me at all, you understand that there is something monumentally wrong with this. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It always have been. There is a bond that forms between parents and children at Halloween. I don't know if it the fact that I won't have any children at home for the evening (My son is 13 and has a football game that night.) or if it because I am distracted by other things this year. But, I just don't really care this year.I haven't even attempted to get out the decorations.

Halloween is my holiday. I would always help the kids pick out their costumes. We never bought them. They were always assembled of sewn.
2007 - Ty as a puppy. For some reason, He REALLY wanted to be a puppy that year.

2007 - Sarah wanted to be a CSI agent really bad. It was her idea. That is her kit on the pumpkin.
2008- Ty as Blade

2008 - Sarah as Alice Cullen
 2009 - Sarah as a goth cheerleader. The anarchy symbol was her idea.
2009  - Ty wanted to be a generic vampire. I was pretty proud of the job I did on his make-up.
2010 - Sarah as a "The DJ That Got the Party Started."

2010 - Ty as a Death Eater

We lost Sarah in 2011. I avoided Halloween that year. Sadly, I don't even know what Ty was that year. Last year, he was supposed to be James Bond, and changed his mind at the last minute. And, went as something else. I didn't see him. I get to see him this year. But, he has a football game that night. So, he decided that he is going  to go to school as a zombie football player. I bought him make-up for the day. I just wish I could be there to help him put it on. 

But, next year will be awesome. Thanks to a couple of friends and their brilliant idea, we shall have wonderful costumes! We are going as the the cast from Hocus Pocus! My two friends and I are going as the witches. Ty and the daughter of one of my friends are going as the two teenagers. Jerry has agreed to go as the zombie. I may even make the dog a cat costume. 

I am excited. It is a sign that my life may actually get back to normal. I can hope.

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Heather said...

We love Halloween! This year the hubby and I are Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. The kids are a red power ranger (he's obsessed) and a lady bug : )We enjoy homemade costumes sometimes as well.