Sunday, September 29, 2013

What HAVE I done?

This is going to be a purely selfish blog. I have felt like I haven't accomplished anything crafty or creative in months. And, today, I was going through albums on my Facebook page looking for a particular photo. While looking I found several photos of things I have made over the years. It pretty much reiterated that I have fallen off the crafty wagon. My hope is that by sharing some of the photos, I will light a fire under my rump. Fair warning, there are several pictures.

 This is a small wall hanging. The phoenix is all pieced by hand.

 Jennifer had a dinosaur themed 19th birthday. I made her and her friend dinosaur tails that doubled as pillows.

The butterflies and flowers were made from candy. They were rather yummy.

 Ty's 10th birthday cake. He had a great a wrestling theme, of course.

 A Day of the Dead tote bag. 

 A White Queen (aka Italian Cream Cake.)

 My portrait in the style of an artist. I went with Picasso, of course.

 Ty's 9th birthday cake. He had a Nerf party. So, I went with camo.

 My Catwoman tote. I machine appliqued the front and 
did a Batman logo on the other side.
 A baby quilt I made because I wanted to.

 A Halloween apron, of course.

 An Angry Birds cupcake cake I made for the son of a friend.

 The comic book themed stockings I made us.

 I do believe this was Ty's 10th birthday cake.

One of the canvases that made after Sarah passed. I even sold some!

The Batman purse I made. I sold it on Etsy.

 I made a BAM pillow, too. I sold them to a teacher that was doing a superhero theme for her classroom.
The dress I made for the 1st birthday of a friend's daughter. 
Down to the ruffles on the bottom.

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Kevin Wallace said...

Wow - you should flaunt it more. You are ridiculously talented.

I think if you nudge it along, it'll definitely come back. Creative people seem to need to create, like they need to eat every now and again.