Monday, September 23, 2013

Today’s words are flippant, uncouth, anguish, fastidious and depraved.

I haven’t had time… OK, let’s face it. I haven’t had the mental acuity to put together three words to form a complete thought over the last couple of weeks. My health and energy levels seem to be getting better, though. I have a list of blogging thoughts and topics written down. But, I am going to just hit some highlights today. So, I figured since school is back in session, I should make a vocabulary lesson out of it!

There will not be a spelling test because, let’s face it, you all have spell check. Well, that and the fact that I can’t get through typing anything without a handful of odd typos myself.
  1. Flippant – (frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness) - Far too often we are very flippant with the words we choose. We don’t always think about the words we choose. Remember to be aware of the people around you. I get that you have a right to your opinion. But, a majority of the time when people “say whatever they want” they are using their right to be a dick as well. I am getting tired of people saying, “I just don’t care what they think.” They shut up. Good gracious.
  2. Uncouth – ( If you have gone to Walmart, you have seen visual examples. Please have some pride in yourself. Realize that when you are in public, the words you say, how you are dressed, even how you smell tells the rest of us what you want us to think of you. I have spent a lot of time lately how different the world would be if people remembered this. Me included. We have a regular whose daughter came in to pay one of his checks not long ago. She is a natural beauty. But, has been raised in a lifestyle with no esteem. She is always dirty and the only way that she you can tell really that she is a girl is if you speak with her or you see her bra straps. I wish I could tell her that she is stunning.
  3. Anguish - ( ) The two year anniversary of loosing my shadow was last Monday. Yeah, you get the point.
  4. Fastidious – ( ) I should be so much more fastidious about my housework. This is a serious issue for me. Really, I have really fallen down on the job.
  5. Depraved – ( .) Grand Theft Auto V is out. There are not enough words to describe how I despise this game. In a word full of evil where is already hard enough to teach our children right from wrong? Yeah, let’s just give the children a game condoning, no ENCOURAGING theft, violence, sex, vulgarity… I am going to stop now. Again, you get my point. Yes I know there are other games, I like it. I don’t like them, either.
  6. Transcendent – ( ) This was not on the list originally. But, I was watching The Voice (I love Adam’s beard.) and one the singers commented that singing on stage is transcendent. I agree. For me, it’s art. Making it or taking it in. There is a small local gallery that I have grown to enjoy. It is a nice place to transcend my every day life and just soak in the colors and textures.

Well, I guess that is all for now. Things to do you know. But, if you would, take a few moments to keep Jerry and me in your prayers. He and I are checking into some the possibility of buying a house. And, we could use all the help we can get. 

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