Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hopes For a Happy New Home

My husband and I want to move something terrible. And, we want to move for many reasons. We live in the ghetto. Our neighbors are great. Even the couple across the street that may be gang bangers, but by George they will drop everything to help someone. They came across the street one day when the hubs came home with our son in tow to let us know that there had been boys with bats in hoodies looking in our windows. DO NOT give me the hoodie speech. I do not think everyone in a hoodie is a thug. But, anyone in the West Texas heat wearing one zipped with the hood up is up to something. That or they have a horrid medical disease that causes them to freeze in mid-90 degree weather. Oh, and they have a group of friends with the same bizarre condition. Ty has not slept the same at our house since. He does however actually make an effort to keep his blinds closed, though.

 I love our home. It is the first place that I have felt at home in years. But, it is sadly in need of far more repairs than we are up to. The electrical needs redone. The plumbing needs redone. The foundation needs redone. The ceilings need redone. And, that doesn’t even get into the cosmetic issues.

And, we do not have a fenced area we can let the PeekaPoo out off leash. The big dog is in the tiny back yard. The two of them get along fine. But, the big dog has ADD and I am afraid will accidentally eat the little one. Or, just play too rough.

My husband was starting a new job. We knew it was coming with a pay raise. It did not turn out to be as much as we hoped. But, we realized that there is a modestly priced home that I fell in love with a long time ago that we might can afford. We are going to see if it is even an option (Our credit is trashed. We are working on it. But, it takes time.) It is a great location for us and just enough space. The yards are nice and there is room for both dogs. Everything works even!

And, for some reason, completely out of the blue, another reason hit me. Sarah has been in the house with us. When I first moved to Abilene, it was on the market and there was an open house. So, of course we all went to look at it. So, somehow she has left her print on it. The house is next door to my parents. And, when the kids were little, there was a family that lived there with children their age. They spent a good bit of a summer playing with the kids.  I have had more than one breakdown late at night, agonizing over moving somewhere without her memory being attached to it. So, I hope and have been praying that this works out. It would be a blessing to have a home she has played in and around. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out.



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