Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Candy Canes are Hung

The ornaments are all hung on the tree. Well, the ones that will fit. We have way more than we have room for. Jerry and I had our first tree in 2010. We did a comic book tree with action figures and I made paper and ink versions of the comic book logos. I had a small box of ornaments from my previous marriage. And, Jerry had few that had sentimental value.
Skip ahead to Christmas 2011. In one year we were married and lost Sarah. I was trying to write a few very belated wedding thank you cards, thank you cards for the funeral and Christmas cards all at once. A friend told me that I didn't need to send anymore thank you cards. If anyone expected one from a grieving parent, especially if they are actually upset about it, they are the one with the mixed up priorities.
This is the same friend that paid me for a baby tutu I made her with a large box of ornaments. Part of my therapy was decorating the tree. Sarah had developed a thing for peace signs. And, they were popular that year. So, we had a groovy, bright and funky tree that year. The box of ornaments she brought matched perfectly.
We have the tradition, like a lot of families, to buy everyone a new ornament each year. This year, we bought several. Sarah's is always Peace related.

And, the candy canes are on the tree.
The ornament on the left was a gift from a fellow Type 1 mom.
I made sure there is a candy cane next to it.
You know those memories from being very young that you don't remember if they really happened or not? Mine is about seeing seahorses. I love them. So, this is my new ornament. 

This is Sarah's ornament for this year.
It is hard to find Christmas ornaments with a religious tone. I loved this one.
And, the green heart has the lyrics from the song we played at her funeral.
One of Sarah's favorite musicians has a close line with a flying pig as it's logo.
Also, she loved the phrase "when pigs fly." Jerry couldn't help himself.
The "S" was a gift from one of her friends and class mates.
I had to give Ty a limit of saying the word "Jack" to 10 times per day.
 He is a bit obsessed with Duck Dynasty. So, a Duck-Hunter was perfect.
Ty is also a Tech fan.
 I painted the angel years ago. It's probably over 20 years old, now.
And, yes, there are Sugar Skulls on the tree. I am planning on painting some, too.
This is Mr. J's ornament. He is a sci-fi nut with the heart of a five year-old.
What else would he have?

The finished product.

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