Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Perfect Storm that Lead to A Grumpy Idealist

I have started so many blogs today in my head. I have had a tumultuous week.  The assumption, on my part anyways, is that this week has been a perfect storm of randomness that pushed me a bit over the edge Monday. Then, it just kept going. It has been a craptacular storm of negativism and complaining all around the world. I am avoiding to avoid Facebook for a while. I have had my fill of people perpetuating stereotypes and slinging stones that I am done. So, I am going to write two blogs today. This one to vent. And, then later this evening, I will write my fantasy Christmas list. So here we go.
I will only say one thing regarding the Duck Dynasty story. As a hard-core, dreamy realist, I am in awe that people seem to be unaware that this is more about money than anything. Will they lose more money from advertisers if they keep the show or from the audience if they drop the show? That and GQ will sale issue after issue for an article that has nothing to do with being a gentleman. No, I am not referring to religion. I mean really, if these guys weren’t loaded and have their own show, would they be in the magazine? I think not.
I had a rough day this week dealing with some other things that are probably always to going to always be too private to blog on because they do not just involve me. I have however decided that from here out, the only people that should have a direct impact on my house, both the buildings and activities that take place there, are no one else’s business other than the people that live there. There is a certain amount of pressure that I have put on myself about our home that has been debilitating. But, you know what? It is a lot easier to get up and clean because you want it done than because, in your own little head, other people care. I have hopes of a clean home.
I may or may not have posted about people breaking into storage buildings and homes lately. Well, it looks like at least one person has been caught. These people have broken into our family storage building and took some of our things. I try really hard not to judge. But, it happens. If they really need the money for food and such, there are other ways. If it is just plain being nefarious, then they suck.
Oh and one thing that I am going to quit doing is dumbing myself down. I am going to start every sesquipedalian word I know!
And, one last thing, all of those people that kept complaining about Christmas before Thanksgiving, where are you? I see very few of you posting.

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