Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Rest of the World Moves On...

Well, hadn't blogged in a bit. So here goes.

Tomorrow is Halloween. I went out in a minimal costume Friday night. I had a good time. And, I am dressing up for work. Same outfit. But, that is it. I am coming home. We are going to turn the lights off outside. I can not even imagine going outside tomorrow night. Ty is going to ask his dad to take him trick or treating. I am afraid that I will just spend the whole night crying. I do NOT want to ruin the Halloween for him. Next year, we will make up for it.

One of my best friends has been overseas since June defending our country. He is married to one of my other best friends. I feel terrible. I have been of absolutely no use to help. I can not wait for him to get home. And, I am so happy about it. But, I am so worried about being a downer, that I have not been a good friend. Everyone understands. But, I still feel terrible. Luckily one of my other best friends is helping out with their kids and such. I am so glad.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I really need to go get some housework done. But, I don't imagine it will happen. I am so exhausted lately, I am not getting anything done. Surely it will get easier in time.

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