Saturday, October 22, 2011

When You Learn From a Preschool Lesson

Today just sucked for a while. I had a bad morning...That's all there was too it. Lot's of reasons. Sarah was not there. She and I would vent to each other about the soccer games. And, we would visit. Her absence nearly brought me to my knees today. And, the game was ugly. I did not handle myself well at all. Then, we stopped in Anson for Mesquite Daze. Ty had a lot of stuff going on that he wanted to do. I could not do all of it. And, he was having the same day I was. He was mad and exhausted. I do not think it was really just mad at me. It was bad enough, that I offered to let him stay with his dad if he wanted. He refused to talk to me the entire way back to Abilene.

We got home and he crashed in his bed. Hard. When he finally got up an hour and a half later, he thought he had slept all the way through the night. But, he woke up the sweet boy he usually is. We even spent a little while lying on his bed just talking for a bit. He even snuggled with me. My heart felt much better.

Then, while working on my Sunday school lesson for my preschoolers, I was reminded that we are often sent on a mission without realizing it. God sends us somewhere, like on a treasure hunt. One clue that leads to another clue, that leads to another. The scripture reference, Acts 8:26-40, is the story of the Ethiopian and Philip. God only gave him short directions. Go here. Stand here. Philip knew what to do from there. God often puts people in our paths, or us in theirs for reasons we might not see for a while.

I have two best friends that if you had asked me a year ago if they would get along,  I probably would have told you not likely. They are both in situations with their immediate family where they are all but disowned for actually standing up for themselves and doing what is best for them and their children. well, in the time since we lost Sarah, they both lost their grandmothers. This makes me happy. God put us in each others lives for a reason. : )

Well, I better get to bed. This has been a very long day. Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday.

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