Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"How Are You Doing?"

I am stunned at the sheer number of times I hear, "How are you?" How on earth did I not notice it before. Cashiers at stores, people at work, people I have not seen in a while... So, I have decided to start giving honest or random answers. Such as,  " I am feeling rather gassy today.' " I have only wanted to knife one person today." "I was doing pretty good until you reminded me that I had a reason NOT to be OK. Thanks! Buh-bye."

The last couple of days have been harder. Honestly, part of it is due to the fact that I started my period and feel like crap. (Reminds me of the Wonder Woman movie when the Amazons do not know what the word means.) I decided that I needed to go to the mall to get out of the house for a while. Jerry was working late. And, I had friends that I had not seen who could not make the funeral. One of which had a mean professor that would not let him takes his test early so he could make it to the funeral. He might give away answers to the other 2 students.

Well, in my trip, I learned that I am still not ready to go to Hot Topic or the Halloween Store. When we went to visit our Comic Book store, we had a nice discussion with the owner, Larry. He stated that after his father passed away, it was the random moments that really got to him. We had gone to HEB the night before. There are a lot of things that are made difficult by diabetes. Grocery shopping is one of them. I feel guilt at knowing that we do not have to worry about it, anymore. I had gone to get a jug of tea. I suddenly became keanly aware that I did not have to worry about getting the kind with Splenda. There was the start to the first breakdown in HEB.

Well, I could go on. But, I have 2 baskets of clothes to put up. And, Serenity is on TV.  So, until later, have a goodnight. And, come up with some creative greetings, people. For example, "Seen any sexy men washing cars lately?" "Felt the urge to belt anyone lately?"

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Mel said...

I know what you mean. I HATE the phrase 'how are you?' now. I hate being asked that, and I hate answering unless I get the feeling the person asking REALLY wants to know. Unfortunately very few people really do ;-)