Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have wanted to blgo for the last 2 weeks, or so. But, I have been to tired to do anything about it. I am afraid I have caught a cold. So, this will probably be short. My body is in need of rest.

This was a weird week. It seems like things might have finally started to turn around. My husband and his mother were in a wreck last friday. The truck is totalled. It is our only vehicle. He is fine. His mother hurt her hand. Nothing major, but it will take a while to heal. I was rather frustrated with her. She kept refusing to get her hand checked out. we told her that is why there insurance. It was only after Jerry told her that the insurance would cover up to $2,500 medical for either of them, that she believed us. She honestly did not think that insurance covered the injury. She nor Jerry have ever had to deal will insurance and a collision. I won't even start on the jerk at Enterprise who screwed Jerry over. It has turned out to our benefit though. There was a LOT of work that needed to be done on the truck. And, we really needed a car. Both to carry more than 3 people, and something with better gas mileage.

On the second thursday of every month, Abilene has "Artwalk" downtown. I set up my booth for the first time. I had a really good time. I sold some canvases, ornaments and such. I also had my first coffee from Monks (a downtown coffee shop).

Jerry has a job opportunity that, if he gets it, will make his life much easier. I don't want to divulge too much. But, life will get a little more "normal" around here if we get it. Send prayers, please. And, keep your fingers crossed.

And, on to the subject of life without Sarah. I seem to have moved on to the mood swing phase. It is rather frustrating. The people who see me on a daily basis, the girls I work with and Jerry. , get to see the full range. Mostly, it isn't too bad. I am more "down" than I was. But, I am laughing and smiling more. I do still have my frustrated with the idiots of the world and throwing myself into the bed, crying my eyes out moments. There are a lot of things I need to work on. Getting off my ass and getting stuff done, being the biggest one. There are other problems and such, some of which stemmed from months ago. I know that they are serious, and they need dealt with. But, I will be damned if I am going to let myself get back down to that dark, overwhelmed place. That place scares the hell out of me. I would really rather not go there. It is a very hard place to come back from.

We helped a it at a 5K for a friend of ours on Saturday. They are raising funds to pay for an "alert dog." The dog will alert when Ashley's sugar goes too far up or down. And, can save her life. We had a great time. And, they made a lot of money. There was also a balloon release for Sarah. I posted pictures on my Facebook page. Jennifer, my friend and T1 mom, has been awesome. She has been a great friend through all of this. She has taken my feelings into consideration in everyway possible without making me feel left out. It is a hard balance to find. And, she has done it beautifully.

Before I go, tomorrow in National Diabetes Awareness month. So, in honor or memory of the diabetics in you life, please, wear blue. : ) If you need a person to think of, here are a few... (Sarah is on the top row in the pink hat.)


Jessica said...

Glad things are looking up! Still think you should take the opportunities for counseling or a support group, to help you through the bad days! And you know I say that out of love! <3 <3 I don't want to see you in that place again!

SassyMomma said...

You are awesome! Praying for Jerry and wearing blue of some sort tomorrow! I'm not sure if I own any blue but if I don't I will make something :)

Jenn said...

I never want you to feel left out. I am glad that we can be here for you and your family. I love you and thank you so much for joining us this weekend. I am so glad the balloons did not get caught in any trees LOL. <3