Friday, November 18, 2011

3 days of Thankfulness

I haven't posted my "what I am thankful for" for the last 3 days on Facebook. It has been a tad crazy. And, so have I.

There has been a lot of chaos. But, I don't want to even think about it. We do have a car. It will legal Monday. I guess we got a few break. but, for every good thing, it seems like there is something to make up for it. As Sarah said, "Murphy is a douche." (I didn't let her use the word often. but, sometimes, it just fits.) It has been two months and two days since she died. My heart throbs knowing she won't be coming back. I won't see her turn fifteen. Her birthday would have been in a few weeks. she would have a boyfriend right now. : ) I like the boy, too. So, did she. Last night was the worst night yet. It was a weird day, all the way around. About one o'clock in the morning, it hit me that we would have been at the movie theater together. That was the end of it. I went to bed sobbing. Jerry being the wonderful husband he is, just held me and let me cry. That is until I realized I could NOT breathe out of my nose. I had to make myself stop crying, sit up and make the most unladylike noises ever. But, it made us laugh, and relax.

The quote of the day came from one of Jerry's coworkers. "If you guys ever get a break, I am buying a lottery ticket."

Well, I have 3 days of thankfulness. So, here goes...

November 16th...Sarah

I have gone on and on about how awesome she was. So, have a lot of people. Even if I only had her for fourteen years, I had her. She was a blessing.


November 17th...Ty

I don't even have words for the change that has taken place in Ty within the last year and a half or so. The divorce was the hardest on him. And, it made things difficult between he and I. But, he has grown into such a sweet, compassionate, animated, loving, bright, fun-loving young man. I see a lot of his sister in him. And, more of me everyday. It makes me smile.

November 18th... Baylee and Ian

Baylee is one of Sarah's best friends. We joke that she is Jerry's love child. She fits in so well with us. She even looks like us. And, she really does feel like one of our own. We have been blessed with her in our life. I remember the first time she spent the night. Sarah popped off, "Great, I lost my best friend to Jerry." : ) She isn't a replacement for Sarah. We already loved her. And, her mother is kind enough to let her come spend the night sometimes still.

Ian is the kids step-brother. If you know my baby brother, Doug, he is a lot like him. except skinnier. He has been such a good influence on Ty. I really think that he is a lot of the reason that Ty has done so well. He has helped guide Ty socially. Plus, he is a darn good kid. (And, his mom said I can claim one of his pinky toes. She is kind of awesome that way.)

Well, that is all for tonight. I am tired. And, Jerry has already crashed. Man, I love him. He is one of the best things to every happen to me. Good night all. Until the next time...

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