Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What My Dreams Are Made Of

If money was no object at all, what would you do with your time?

I think about this a lot. More than I should, really.

My day would start a little something like this...

I wake just before the alarm buzzes to signal the beginning of the day. The sun is creeping up slow and bright, so I think that I will let Jerry sleep in a bit. He does have clients to meet with. But, not until lunch. I roll over and kiss him on the cheek before attempting to get out of bed. It is kind of difficult with two small dogs sleeping on your feet. The wooden floor feels cool and smooth on my feet as I tiptoe to the restroom to get ready for the day.

I am so glad that we had this house built. We wanted an old home. But, we also wanted modern amenities. So, we went with an old house plan that has been adapted to our needs. The sun is beginning to poor into the window over the kitchen sink. I look out to see Venom sitting outside his house, just waiting for Jerry to bring him his food. I swear he is shaking his head at the chickens clucking about in their coup. I will head out to gather eggs after a cup of coffee and the inside animals are tended to. The darn parrot is being loud. Again. But, Jerry loves him. So, I do, too.

After feeding the hamsters, birds, fish, and crabs I head out to the screened-in porch to enjoy the warm summer morning. I look out over the back yard to take in the view. There are five large fenced in sections for large dogs. Each dog gets their own pen. We even have a couple ready to fill. We would only have one except that two of the dogs were found together and they were only this happy together. Currently, they are playing tag around the pen. Then, there is the large barn out a ways across the yard. It's not all a barn. Half of it is. The other half is our studio and office space. We wanted to work from home. But, wanted a separation between work and home. This was a great compromise. It also meant we could have a barn with bathrooms with hot water and bathrooms. The chicken coup is built into the side of the barn so that we can shut the outside area off when it is too cold for the birds. There is also a small kitchen type area for washing and storing eggs. Also, to take care of the animals when they need extra help.I set my mug down and pick up the egg basket and head out to tend to my share of the animals, the goats and chickens.

I come back into the kitchen to find Jerry, still in his pajama bottoms fixing himself a cup of coffee and warming up some quiche. I put the eggs I bring back into the fridge. I am going to bake cookies so that Ty will have plenty to snack on when he gets here this evening. The place feels warmer and more full when he is here. I hop up on the kitchen counter and convince Jerry to fix me a slice just in time to find out her has already warmed one up and sliced up some fruit. I have things to do today besides baking cookies. I have orders to fill. But, I also need supplies. I will head to Abilene to get them after the mail comes in. It's Friday after all. Maybe I will come along for Jerry's lunch meeting. I think they are meeting at Abi-Haus.

Suddenly, the dogs are barking their "Someone is here!" bark. Since, I am the only one dressed, I go to the door to find the UPS man with boxes of supplies, and maybe a pair or two of shoes. I sign for my package and drop the shoes on the bench by the door before heading out to the studio to see what all is in the boxes and make my list of supplies. Jerry, being the smart aleck he is, is blocking the door. So, I give him my "move it or lose it" glare before kissing him on the cheek. He moves over and grabs Cinnamon, the newest kitten before she follows me out the door. Lucy follows along beside me out to the barn. She is a mutt. A small long haired, happy go lucky mutt. And, she loves me. Rick rather stay with the cats. He thinks he is a cat.

I set the boxes down so that I can open the door to make my way into the studio. It is a large room that we have sectioned off into our own office and studio spaces. There is even a loft area for Ty. He has his own space with his own computer supplies and all the art supplies he wants. As long as he uses them. I smile as I notice a painting on an easel. It is of a girl. He has done a very nice job. But, the real questions are is she real and, if so, will see the painting.

I bring the boxes to the table where I unload the fabrics and threads into their homes on the shelves. I find my shopping list and make a quick note of the numbers for the ink we need for the printers. I have onsies to knock out this week. So, I need to print the designs so I can get them out first thing Monday. I take a moment to let it sink in. I am living a life that makes me truly happy. I am doing what I enjoy. My husband is happy and thriving doing the things he loves. I have a son that is well adjusted and making a difference in his own world. Lucy starts nudging my foot with her head. I pick her and the list up and proceed to lock up the building. I stop to scratch the dogs that are waiting rather impatiently for Jerry to hurry up and feed them. Lucy and I help him finish taking care of the big dogs. She loves the big dogs and nuzzles them through the fence. Jasper the oldest of the dogs seems to think that she is his pup. He is very gentle and is the only dog that we actually let out to roam when we are gone. He doesn't tear anything up and would not hurt a fly.

Once we are done getting the animals tended to, we head out to town. We take Jerry's car. The '67 Camaro in Granada Gold. It is just like his dad's. He loves the car almost as much as me. And, almost as  much as I love my '69 Chevelle parked next to it.


Craftysta said...

Sounds like a great day!

Life with Kaishon said...

Hi Marlo,
That sounds like a perfect day. I hope it happens for you soon!
Keep on dreaming. Life is too short to do anything but.
I am visiting via your comment on the SITS link tonight via facebook. So nice to meet you : ).
Take care, Becky