Monday, September 19, 2011

Long Lines

Wow...I have never felt so wrapped in love. Visitation was tonight. I do not recall ever seeing so many people in a funeral home. There were people I had not seen in years there. We have all been blessed to have such good friends. A friend reminded me today about the one set of footprints in the sand. I begged to differ with her. This time, I do believe there are a crowd of feet carrying us all. I believe God did indeed put some very special people in our lives to lift us on their shoulders and carry us through. Many relationships have been strengthened in the last few days.

I have run out of "projects." Since arrangements are all done, I don't have busy work. I think I am going to go bake now. Just what we need. More food.

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SassyMomma said...

What an amazing turn out Sarah had last night!! The casket looked beautiful with all of the words of hope and love! Try not to find to many things to keep you overly busy. There needs to be a time where you take a step back for yourself and grieve. Don't prolong it. Let it take over at least once. You have that right and you will need that release.
One thing that helped my family through the tragic loss we experienced was a balloon release in honor of the cause. We lost my aunt due to domestic violence. They sold purple helium balloons for a dollar a piece and all released them in her honor. It was beautiful, and painful, and it was hard to let them go but it was a physical and emotional release AND it raised money for an amazing cause! You don't have to raise money or do a large one but maybe your family could get together at a later time and release some blue balloons in her honor!!

You are in my thoughts and prayers today!!