Friday, March 7, 2014

No Catching Fire in This House

This must be “writing about movies week” at Das Whetsel Haus.
Today, it’s why I will not be watching or reading Catching Fire. I can hear you out there stuttering over your, “Buh-buhhhhhhtttts.”
It’s not going to happen. Simple as that. I read and watch the first book. I enjoyed them. But I cannot finish the series. There are three reasons.
1.       This is one of Sarah’s favorite book series. She read it ravenously. She had a list of books that she wanted me to share with me. We tended to enjoy the same books. She read The Vampire Diaries before any of her friends because I gave her my copies from the 90’s to read.  I don’t like the idea of finishing things that we were going to do together. I am not ready for that finality. I know she is gone and she is not coming back. But, it does not mean that I want to shut that door behind me. There was a classmate that had passed away a good while back, now. My mother ran into her after we lost Sarah. She told my mom that he had a credit card bill that she was still paying on. She would only pay the minimum on it. The idea of that bill with his name on it being gone terrified her. I completely understand.

2.       Sarah was VERY excited that there was going to be a movie. She was also very excited about Jennifer being cast in the lead role. I spent the entire first movie wondering what Sarah would have liked or not.  It was very exhausting.

3.       During a conversation about the book, (I had not read it yet. I didn’t read until after she died.) she told me that until recently, I had reminded her of Katniss’s mother. But, she was proud that I had got myself together. And, she said I would understand when I read the book. I sobbed when I read the passage of the book where she describes her mother. Or, the shell of a person that her mother was. It was dead on the money. I have finally come to forgive myself for being that mother for a time. But, it still stings.
So, no, I will not be watching Ms. Everdeen in her latest adventures. But, I am sure they will great and she will be bold.

Enjoy it for me.

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