Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can you get Zanax in a Pez dispenser?

     Seriously, I want to know. Back, oh about a year ago, I had a VERY rough day. I sat at home and sobbed. I mean tears gushing all day long type sob. I was exhausted. And, it was probably the lowest I have been. And, I didn't realize it. I was waitressing. It's not a great job to have when an emotional wreck. A kind friend and co-worker gently checked on me and showed her concern. I have not been back to that place until this last week.
     It has been a perfect storm of craptacular proportions. Between bizarre weather, cranky people on the phone and an onslaught of issues, all on top of PMS, I have been a complete and total sobbing wreck. Exhausted is not a strong enough word for how I have felt. I have had thoughts that I haven't had in years.
     And, I am amazed that somehow as soon as my period actually started today (Yes, I know you are probably thinking that is so much TMI.) it was just gone. The emotions. The exhausted is still here. I have never had a PMS like this. But, I can NOT go through 1/4th of each month feeling like that. So, I will be making sure that when I go get my physical, which I need to do soon, I will be addressing the issue the doctor. I do well in general. But, an "as needed" helper would be advantageous.And, in time, I will post about the "other" issues that have me so strung out. But, that will be in time.
     So, for now, I am going to close out so I can work on a sketch on a nerdy tattoo design. Next blog will likely be on my nerdiness and that I have found my place in the world with the nerd/geek culture. Until then, have a great day. May it be full of splendid bliss. And, if you can't have that, at least have a good, stiff drink.

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