Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We All Say Goodbye

 I haven't told everyone the story about Sarah's casket. Seeing as how we were all very emotional, I may not get it just right. But, when we stepped into the room to pick out a casket we were a little overwhelmed. It is the last decision we made. He showed us the cheaper caskets, knowing we didn't want to spend a ton of money. We were looking at the next to the cheapest. Then Ty looked at the least expensive one and popped off, "It looks like duct tape!" We had just had a conversation about how She loved duct tape and sharpies. The funeral home owner took off and ran back in with a sharpie. Sure enough, it would stay on the casket. So, we decided that it might help her friends and family say good bye if they could leave her a message. My mother knew that We would not be able to read all of the signatures. So, she took pictures of many of them for us to read later. I have just got to the point where I could read them this week.

The Duct Tape bow is still there.

I considered sharing these on Facebook. But, decided that this was a much better venue.


Lorelei said...

Very poignant. Not at all random when we find the meaning of what we are supposed to do at a given time. Young people rarely have a way to say goodbye, and I would bet that they are thankful now that they could do so.

semperwife said...

How amazing! You gave everyone a unique way of saying goodbye to a one of a kind girl. Genius!!
I loved reading the messages. I am sure Sarah read them all from above and smiled. You are an amazing mom!