Friday, October 12, 2012

Beginning to Function...

     I am beginning to function again. I am starting to come out of a year long fog. Yes, I have had all right to have been in it to start with. But, it is getting damp and muggy. I need out. And, I am making bigger steps every day. Well, I should say that the fog is lifting. The problem is the mess you have created in the fog. I am trying to work my way through. Jerry is helping where he can. But, he understands I need to do some of this on my own. I am making strives to better myself.
    I have signed up as an Avon representative. Partly because we need some extra income. And, partly because I need to be busier. Etsy has picked up a little. Which is good. I am getting a memorial tattoo for Sarah. And, I will use that money to pay for it. She was planning her anchor tattoo. If figure that since she can't get one, I will. It will be a little something like this.

     I mentioned on a Facebook post today that I was VERY excited about getting to watch the season premiere of Vampire Diaries. I also mentioned that I had my own reason for wanting to watch. When I was a freshman at McMurry, I discovered a series of books by a relatively new author named L.J. Smith. When Sarah discovered Twilight, after my reading it, I suggested that she would enjoy the books. She was in 6th grade, I believe. She devoured them. Then, she read The Secret Circle, also by L.J. Smith. She followed that with some of my other favorite books. My very favorites being Blood and Chocolate and  The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Krause. 

     The night before she died, Sarah was at a football game and I was at home watching Vampire Diaries. While discussing the episode on the phone after the game, Sarah had commented that if the series had gone ANYTHING like the book, Elena would have been a vampire a long time ago. We agreed wholeheartedly on that. Well, it finally happened. Somehow, I just had to see it. The episode that she wanted to see. The one where Elena became a vampire. I was sitting on the couch alone watching the episode. I cried part of the time, because she wasn't with me. But, I cheered on the characters. It is something very trivial. But, sometimes, those trivial little moments mean a lot. 

I do believe some reading about something with fangs is in order. 

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