Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Cornicopia of Conundrums

    Well, some aspects of this weekend were great. Others blew. We had plans with friends that we didn't get to go ahead with. This was one time when having another car would have helped. So, instead of ticking off my mother in law and telling her, "Sorry we have to take you home now." We ended up taking a lot longer to get things done that we needed. Then, we lost the car in the Walmart parking lot. My knees were killing me. So instead of getting to go out for at least an hour or so to enjoy the mud and time with friends, I was inside Walmart waiting on her.  I love her dearly, but this has to stop. She did apologize to me. But, I let my friends down. And, I am sick about it.
    Ty did have a pretty good time, other than going to the the lake. He was not happy either. Since he has started dealing with losing Sarah, he has been trying his hardest to be the best son possible. He is going above and beyond what I expect from him. It makes he and I both very happy.
     On an up note, Jerry will be moving to the IT department at work. We are ecstatic. I am trying to get things together for Artwalk next month. I want to have lots ready to sale. I will hope to get it all posted on the Whetsel's W$earables Facebook page.
     Well, I have tutus to make. So, I will keep this short. More later.

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