Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have learned a lot of things this year. Small little bits of experience. I shall pass some on from time to time. Tonight, I shall pass on some of what I have learned as a waitress.

~ Always fill your sugar basket. You never know when company will stop by. Try to be prepared to at least have a drink to offer handy.

~ You know how you got to a restaurant, and you get that really cranky waitress. Take time to think that you do not know what your waitress has been through that day. Or, week. I know I had to have had some customers wondering what the heck is her deal. But, on the same note, when you are taking care of someone else, be mindful that you don't know what is going through their head. Whether you are serving them food, waiting behind them in line the store, driving in the car behind you, and so on. Oh! And, this goes for those overly perky people, too. You never know, they may be fighting back thinking about something that will make them very unhappy. And, if they are really that happy, shouldn't we admire it. Not be upset.

~ The way we treat others is often overheard by others. And, it does influence what people think about you. If you are pleasant at the table, and they hear you go to the back and yell ORDER instead of being considerate enough to take the time to walk to the cook and politely tell them you have an order, it will effect your tip.

~ By George, if there is something you see needs to be done, and you have the time, do it yourself. And, don't do it just so someone else will do it for you later. It's called being a grown-up. No one said doing the right thing is always easy or convenient. But, sometimes it really is.

~ Your actions effect other people. Sometimes, whether you like it or not.

That is all for now. Judge Dredd is calling.

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