Friday, December 30, 2011

It has been weeks...

...since I have blogged. To be honest, it is mostly because my wireless card snapped in half. And, it is a pain in the rear to use a laptop with a cable. So, I figure today's blog will be the result of me leaving the laptop on so I can just swing by and add as the day goes on. So, it may be far more random than normal.

     Last night at United, we stopped to read the Valentine's greeting cards. There are some really good this year. I am not so sure that it really had more to do with being married to Jerry than the actually quality of the card writing. I mean, really, the man is a doll! When we were going through the "lady section" he thought to ask if I needed more. What man thinks about these things. This I am sure is due to the growing up just him and his mom. Note to self: Get mom-in-law a fruit basket.
     Anyways. I was already sobbing. It was getting hard to see the cards with the tag stating "Daughter." I did OK, until it occurred to me, Sarah would be getting her first REAL valentine from a boy this year, most likely, if she was still alive. That hit really hard. Jerry let me wander off down the aisle and let me cry a bit. Then came to check on me. He is a saint in the way he knows how to handle me. I need a few minutes to get it out of my system a bit. Then, to be held. I love how he knows me better than I know myself, most times. OK, I will give you a moment or two to continue with your gagging noises, Mom.

I would really like to do portraits and such on the side. I DO however need to work on my photoshop skills, first.

I am having a really hard time with the baby bug. I want to raise kids with Jerry. He would make such an awesome dad. And, out views on so  many things about children are so alike. He would just rock. Plus, the house is so empty. But, it helps that my friend, Jessica also has the bug. It's nice not being alone.

Yes, I may  just be the perfect woman for Jerry. Reading Judge Dredd while watching The Incredible Hulk. That's the way I roll.

 New favorite quote, "Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?" ~  Rose Kennedy

     So, one last little bit before I go. We were talking not long ago about people praying for a person they don't know. A coworker commented that while walking across her university campus, someone asked if they could pray over them. Another person said that it would make them very uncomfortable if this happened to them. I am pretty sure that a few months ago, I would have said the same thing. But, I have learned to be open to people's good wished and faith. I have my own faith. It has actually grown strong throughout everything that has happened. It has actually grown stronger. But, I have also learned that you can indeed also lean on other people's faith as well, like a bonfire. The more of you that stand together, the stronger and brighter you are.
     I have had people ask me at work how my day was going, and I told them. They have prayed for me. I had the father of a friend from high school who had actually met Sarah while working at Abilene High, where my mother works, ask if I would stay with them as they prayed before their meal. I think the comfort level stems from knowing that people that I have never met praying for me. The sensation of being bathed in prayer has been nearly constant. It is amazing. To those of you who have been praying, thank you.

     Well,  I guess that is all for know. I have the Birds of Prey TV series to watch (Oracle, Batgirl and the Huntress). Good night and sweet dreams. 

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