Saturday, January 12, 2013

Watching Little Man Grow

     My son is turning 13 in just less than a month. He lives in a small town with his dad. I rather like the town where he lives. However, there are not a lot of people there that read comic books, watch sci-fi TV or movies or have a clue what a Tardis is. So, Ty has often feels a bit torn about letting his friends know that he enjoys these things. Well, he has a friend spending the night that I have not actually met until now. He is the smallest kid in his class. And, he is new to town. I was in the kitchen putting a few things away in the kitchen. Meanwhile, I can hear Ty showing him around the living room, giving him the tour. When I heard, "That's Harley Quinn" come out of his mouth, I got a little excited. He enjoys several things. He has even watched a little Doctor Who. I told him that is nice to have a friend to talk to about these things that won't make fun of him. His friend gave me a very understanding smile.
     I was even more pleased to overhear them talking to him in his room. They were talking about Sarah. His other friends all knew about her. And, I am sure that Ty is like me, in that we know people are tired of hearing us talk about her. But, since he doesn't know anything about her, he is listening very openly. It warmed my heart. And, there is an air of self confidence around Ty right now that I don't get to see very often. I am so happy that he can call the boy his friend. And, he is welcome at my house anytime.

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